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State Probation Service

The State Probation Service is created in order to facilitate the prevention of crime in the state, in order to provide for the qualitative performance and coordination of the publicly served sentences and to relieve the work of the other justice protection organisations.

The creation of the State Probation Service is the proof that the sentencing system in our country does not have the retaliation characteristics that the offender is not lost for the society and that the state takes responsibility for the members of its society.

The SPS is a step to the implementation of the new criminal sentencing performance system as the aim is not only to perform such sentencing imposition when the offender is not isolated from the society but also to create the system within which there are both punishments with isolation from the society and without it.

The appearance of probation institutions in Latvia continue the reform of the criminal sentencing performance system which following the restoration of independence has started with the broad reforms in prisons, the abolishment of the death penalty, creation of the modern legal norms for the sentence performance.

Currently the State Probation Service is already created and is the subordinate organisation to the Justice Ministry which is working based on the accepted on 18 December 2003 by the Saeima legislation "State Probation Service Law" which entered into force on 1 January 2004 and in accordance with the Regulations No. 1010 of the Cabinet of Ministers dated 27 December 2005 "State Probation Service Regulations".

Latvian probation system is created based on the other countries experience and recommendations of experts: this is elastic and anticipates for the wide application in the future.